overwatch-meiIt is no secret that Blizzard is looking to ensure that Overwatch will be a game free of cheaters by cracking down hard on those who do cheat. We’ve seen Blizzard pretty much not give cheaters a second-chance, so if you do want to cheat or take advantage of an exploit, you’re really taking a risk here.

In fact in a recent post on the Overwatch forums (via Kotaku), the game’s director Jeff Kaplan posted that they will be looking to fix a bug in the game regarding the character Mei and her ice wall ability. In addition, Kaplan also announced that for those who did take advantage of the bug to win their games or just in general, they will have action taken against them as well.

“This bug is clearly an exploit and we consider this cheating. Do not attempt to reproduce this bug. If you see someone abusing this mechanic, please report them. We will be taking action against those who abused this exploit. Overwatch is a PvP experience so that means exploiting game mechanics like this comes at a cost to those you are competing against. We take aggressive action against people who abuse game mechanics, hack or cheat. This case is no different.”

According to Kaplan, the fix should already be live so if you are tired of players who are abusing the bug, you can rest assured that they will no longer be able to do it.

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