Microsoft’s Cortana digital personal assistant was launched a couple of years ago. It’s available on Windows-powered smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even gaming consoles. It hasn’t really made its way to the car as yet but the company has worked with BMW on a vision for the future which puts Cortana inside the German auto giant’s luxurious vehicles.

This is part of BMW’s ConnectedDrive suite of online infotainment and communication features. BMW transformed it into a proper digital platform last year that it calls BMW Connected. This platform lets owners access a wide range of services inside and outside the car.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 today, BMW has showcased several digital services that will enable drivers of future automated cars to optimize how they plan their lives while they’re behind the wheel.

BMW Connected will be enhanced with an intelligent voice control system that most people are already familiar with in other areas of their daily life. It’s basically going to lift the entire Cortana experience that you get on a Windows PC or smartphone and offer it as an in-car app.

The company says that the Cortana app would offer all of the voice-controlled capabilities that users get on a Windows PC or smartphone. This will enable BMW Connected to provide drivers with reminders en-route of an impending appointment for which no location has been fixed. Cortana will even be able to make a suitable restaurant reservation and reserve a table without ever needing the driver to take their hands off the wheel.

Bear in mind that this is BMW’s vision of the future so don’t expect Cortana to be there on the options list if you head to your dealer to pick up a BMW at this point in time.

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