By now there’s a good chance that quite a few gamers have completed Final Fantasy XV. Some might even be trying to complete every single aspect of the game, but in case you thought that was all there is to it, a recent video uploaded onto YouTube has revealed that maybe there could be more to the game that we expect.


Basically it seems that thanks to a glitch in the game, it allowed YouTuber Fotm Hero to venture out of bounds in the game and explore various parts of Niflheim that weren’t included in the game. It is unclear as to what these areas are, but some have suggested that they are areas that did not make the final cut in the game’s release.

An alternative has been suggested that maybe these are areas that Square Enix could be considering making a return to in future updates. Either way some areas look like they’ve had a lot of work done on them, while others feel a bit more incomplete. We have to say that there’s something therapeutic and peaceful about exploring a world in which there is no one else but you.

In any case the video runs for over an hour, so if you have some time to spare and want to check out the rest of the Niflheim’s unexplored world, then sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the video above.

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