If you’re the sort of person who pays close attention to the design of their home, and you love matching furniture, appliances, and so on, then you might be interested in a lamp on Kickstarter called the Heng Balance Lamp. As you can tell from the video above, the design alone should already be worth your attention.

While it does sport a pretty clean and minimalist design, something that seems to be trending these days, what makes the Heng Balance Lamp unique and interesting is the way you turn it on and off. In the middle of the lamp, there is a ball that is suspended. To turn the light on, you raise the ball on the bottom and thanks to the use of magnets, both balls will suspend and the light will turn on.

To turn the light off, all you’ll have to do is break the connection. This seems to be aimed at those who want a unique-looking lamp and for those who are tired of more conventional switches. We’re not sure if this is a more efficient way of turning lights on and off, but like we said if you’re looking for something unique that will also double up as a conversation piece, we reckon this will do the trick.

There are several designs to choose from as well as several different colors. Unfortunately apart from the unique design and unique connection, this isn’t a smart lamp so don’t go expecting smartphone connectivity. It is priced at $44 and is expected to be delivered to backers come June 2017.

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