Moodo is a new Internet of Things device that’s described as being a “scent delivery system.” It uses smart technology to make your home smell great. Moodo lets you create customized scents for your home and control the aromatic ambiance directly from your smartphone. It’s not like regular fragrance diffusers because it actually mixes scent capsules and creates personalized scents.

Moodo offers several fragrance capsules that can be loaded into the device and mixed together to create an unlimited number of fragrance options. The device can be used with up to four different capsules simultaneously. The app has a synthesizer which can be used to vary the intensity of each scent.

Personalized scents can be saved to the app’s library and can easily be saved, recalled, and shared. Moodo also offers a selection of preset “scent-scenes” that have been designed by leading French perfumers. You can also tweak the preset scenes to suit your tastes. Since all of this works through an app, users can share their scents with the larger Moodo community.

The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to start producing Moodo in volume. It’s looking to raise $50,000. The lowest you can contribute right now is $149 to get a Moodo with two scent families that include a total of eight capsules. This is said to be good for four months of daily use. Shipping is expected to take place in July this year.

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