nes-classic-editionWhen Nintendo surprised everyone with the launch of the NES Classic, they were quick to shutdown the rumors and hope that gamers could look forward to the console being updated with new games. However it seems that some hackers have decided to tear the console apart and figured out a way to play custom ROMs on it.


In a post on Reddit (via ArsTechnica), it seems Russian hacker Madmonkey has figured out a way to hack the NES Classic to get it to play custom ROMs. For those unfamiliar, the NES Classic is basically a throwback to the good old days of the NES, except that a handful of retro games were preloaded onto it, which means that those were the games that gamers could play and that was it.

With the hack, technically users will be able to load up any ROM they want and play it on the console, so if there is a retro title that isn’t on that list, not to worry as you’ll be able to load the ROM (if available) and play it. However as ArsTechnica points out, the hack isn’t as straightforward as you might think and it does seem rather complicated.

In fact if you’re not too tech savvy you might want to give it a pass as something could go wrong, and we’re pretty sure Nintendo has no interest in letting you exchange or refund a bricked console. However if you don’t mind giving it a try, the instructions in English can be found here, but proceed at your own risk!

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