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Apple has touted the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar as an extension of the keyboard, as opposed to it being a secondary display. To a certain extent it actually makes sense because if you’re typing and don’t want to break from it to use the touchpad on the laptop or your mouse, the Touch Bar could potentially provide some shortcuts that will save you time.

Now obviously using Touch Bar with browser apps such as Safari makes sense, but if you’re more of a Chrome user then you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has added support for Touch Bar in the latest Chrome beta. This support has been added to Chrome’s Canary channel which means that we’re probably still quite a ways from it finding its way to the public build.

This might also explain why some of the features seem to be a bit lacking. So far what Google has done seems pretty static. We have your usual assortment of navigational buttons like Back, Forward, Refresh, New Tab, and Favorite. There is another button that automatically moves your cursor to the address bar so that you can type URLs or search easily.

However other than that, it is pretty static, at least compared to Safari where the Touch Bar can change dynamically to show bookmarks, switch between open tabs, and so on, but like we said these features are found in Chrome Canary so it is possible that Google will keep updating the feature in the future. In the meantime what other features would you like to see from Chrome’s Touch Bar support?

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