Back in the day most photographers were faced with the decision of either choosing between a compact digital camera which was small and portable, or a DSLR which was bigger, clunkier, and heavier. However with the introduction of mirrorless cameras, consumers now have an option where they can snap high-quality photos but in a more compact body.


However while mirrorless cameras have certainly come a long way and offer up full-frame systems, there are some aspects that can’t quite match DSLRs yet. However speaking in an interview with DPreview, Fujifilm’s Toshihisa Iida has opined that it is possible that the next-generation of mirrorless cameras could beat DSLRs.

When asked when mirrorless cameras could take over the professional market, Iida replied by saying, “There are several things that mirrorless manufacturers need to focus on. Number one is speed, still, to attract sports photographers. Also viewfinder blackout, we need to innovate there. Maybe one more processor and sensor generation should be enough to make mirrorless beat DSLRs in every respect.”

He also seems to believe that at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it would be possible to see more mirrorless cameras on the sidelines, but what do you guys think? Will there ever come a day where mirrorless cameras replace DSLRs? Or will there always be a place for either camera system?

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