A lot of people harbor the desire to work for Google. It’s one of the biggest tech companies on the planet and from what one can read online, it appears to be a really fun place to work at, not to mention the fact that the company has the tendency to pay so much money to its employees that they just quit their jobs. However, those are unlikely to be the considerations that a 7-year-old child makes. Nevertheless, Chloe Bridgewater sent a letter to Google and the response from the company’s CEO will warm your heart.

Bridgewater addressed her letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai as “Dear google boss,” and wrote that when she’s bigger she would like a job at Google. She also mentioned that she would like to “work in a chocolate factory and do swimming in the olympics.”

She mentioned in her letter that she’s only ever sent two letters, the first one to Santa and the second to the Google boss, and we as adults know that at least one of them is a real person. Pichai wrote back a heartwarming response, with nothing but inspirational words for the young girl.

He added that he looks forward to receiving her job application when she’s finished with school. It might be a few years, but it’s not like Google’s going anywhere.

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