bookmark-instagramInstagram has largely been a single-photo app, in the sense that users can only upload one photo at a time. However that could be changing because in a tweet by Philip Chang (via Cult of Mac), it has been discovered in the latest beta of the Android version of Instagram that a multiple photo upload feature is being tested out.

As you can see in Chang’s tweet below, users will now have the ability to select multiple photos at once when uploading to the social network. It should be noted that this album-like feature has been available to advertisers for a while now (if you recall there are some Instagram ads that let you scroll through multiple photos at once by swiping to the left/right), so it seems that Instagram has decided to open it up to regular users.

It is unclear as to whether or not it will function the same way as the ads do because according to Cult of Mac, when you try to publish an album the app will return an error message, suggesting that maybe the feature isn’t live yet for users. It will be interesting to see how this will change the way users post in the future, but perhaps it can help users who post multiple times a day instead of spamming the feeds of their friends/followers.

We’re not sure when these changes will roll out, but it is in the beta of the Android version of Instagram which means that it will most likely find its way into the next public release, hopefully.

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