Wireless charging tech isn’t new, but yet there are many who seem to be pretty excited about the iPhone 8’s rumored wireless charging. This is because Apple is rumored to introduce “true” wireless charging later this year where the need for wireless charging mats will no longer be required, and where you could theoretically walk around your house while your phone charges.

However whether or not those rumors will be proven true remains to be seen, but in the meantime if you’d prefer something a little more “real”, there is an Indiegogo project for a device called the MotherBox that is meant to offer up “true” wireless charging as well. Created by Yank Tech, the MotherBox is a hub that can supply up to 2 watts of power to a smartphone within a range of 20-inches, with the amount of power going up the closer the device is to the hub.

This means if you place your phone within 5-inches of the MotherBox, you could get power up to 10W. Now we know that a range of 20-inches isn’t exactly very far, but it is considerably more than what you can expect from wireless chargers today. The only downside is that your phone needs to be connected to a receiver, so your phone’s ports will be taken up.

Now as is the case with crowdfunded projects, it’s hard to say if the final product will actually deliver as promised. However if you think that the MotherBox could be a good investment, then head on over to its Indiegogo page and pledge your support.

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