Bethesda has been playing it a bit coy with regards to Skyrim arriving on the Nintendo Switch. When the game was first spotted in the Switch’s debut trailer, the company could not confirm if the game would be arriving on the console. However last month it was officially confirmed that the game would be arriving on the platform.

Sounds good, right? However the question is given the Switch’s specs, would Skyrim on the Switch be the “Special Edition” which is basically a HD remake of the original? Or would it be the original version? Unfortunately it seems that Bethesda can’t even confirm that as revealed during a recent interview with Polygon.

Speaking to the publication, Bethesda’s Todd Howard was asked about the company’s future projects. With regards to Skyrim arriving on the Switch, Polygon wrote, “On the latter, he “can’t say” whether the original Skyrim or the 2015 remaster will be released.” It is strange that Bethesda can’t seem to confirm it, which has us believing that maybe it will be the original Skyrim.

However it is possible that maybe Bethesda is working on trying to get the Special Edition running on the Switch, which is why until they decide that they can (or can’t), they’d rather not say. Either way we’ll just have to wait and see, but what do you guys think? Would you mind if it’s not the Special Edition?

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