For the longest time ever, Apple’s products could be found in the homes, studios, and offices of industry professionals, such as graphic artists, music producers/composers, designers, photographers, and more. This is because despite their hefty price tags, Apple’s computers have been found to run professional software suites pretty well.


Unfortunately in recent times, many pro users are starting to feel that Apple is abandoning them and instead choosing to focus on the average consumer, but this is something that Apple has since denied. In a report from AppleInsider, they are saying that during Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook reassured shareholders that they were not abandoning their pro customers.

Noting that the creative and pro markets are still very important to the company, Cook was quoted as saying, “You will see us do more,” with regards to the Mac and its software. Like we said, some pro customers are starting to feel that Apple has put its pro users on the backburner, where computers like the Mac Pro have not been updated for the longest time ever.

They also point out how despite the MacBook Pro being a “Pro” laptop does not support 32GB of RAM, something that more pro users would have liked to see the option for. We’re not sure what Apple has planned for the future for their pro users, but we have heard that 2017’s MacBook Pro refresh could see Apple include 32GB RAM options.

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