Gadgets these days have certainly come a long way in design, where many companies are realizing that form can be just as important as function, or that there are many customers out there who would actually prioritize aesthetics over functionality. If you do you prefer your gadgets to look good, then maybe Turn Touch could be of interest to you.

Turn Touch is a Kickstarter project for a remote control for your home. We know that remote controls are a dime a dozen and there are plenty of much more functional and feature-rich remotes out there, like the Logitech Harmony, but what makes Turn Touch so different is that it is made out of wood.

According to its inventor Samuel Clay, “Turn Touch is a smart home remote control carved out of beautiful mahogany wood. This is a remote control for Hue lights, Sonos speakers, and all the other connected devices in your home. Turn Touch works on iOS and macOS, giving you control of your music, videos, presentations, and more.”

One of the charms of the remote, apart from its design, is that it can be used to perform multiple actions at once, where one button can execute multiple commands. For example you can use it to lock your door and turn off your lights simultaneously. The buttons are also fully customizable to your needs.

We suppose there is a bit of a novelty of owning a wooden remote control, but if you’re looking for something discreet that is also functional, then maybe this could be worth investing in. The Turn Touch is priced at $59 on Kickstarter and is expected to retail for $79 upon its release.

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