If you don’t particularly like the idea of being tied down to a carrier via a postpaid plan and love the freedom of going prepaid, AT&T might have something for you as the carrier has recently announced a new $60 unlimited data plan that is being aimed towards the carrier’s GoPhone customers.


According to AT&T, “AT&T GoPhone Unlimited customers will get unlimited talk, text and data, with a max speed of 3Mbps. The plan is perfect for surfing the web, keeping up with your friends on social and streaming standard definition (about 480p) video at a max of 1.5Mbps. Plus, you’ll never incur overage charges. AT&T will temporarily slow data on a line during a plan cycle after 22GB of usage during periods of network congestion.”

This plan is also valid should you travel outside of the US to countries such as Canada and Mexico, so if you do travel between those countries every now and then, this could be a good plan to hop on board with. Alternatively if you think $60 a month is too dear, there is a $40 plan that offers the same thing, except that the data won’t be unlimited and is capped at 6GB. To find out more about AT&T’s new unlimited prepaid plan, hit up the carrier’s website for the details.

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