When it comes to camera lenses, for the most part things haven’t really changed very dramatically over the years. Sure there have been a ton of improvements and changes, but for the most part they’re still the same. However Canon could be looking to shake things up as they revealed that they are working on new lens technology.

According to the folks at Focus Numerique (via Canon Rumors) who recently interviewed Canon executives at the Utsunomiya L lens factory in Japan, they were told that the company was working on new lens technology that would allow photographers to take a new type of photo, or whatever that means.

The original report was published in French, but according to the translation it reads, “Without being permitted to tell you more, we are developing a new technology that will bring real added value and will allow to take a new type of photo.” We’re not sure if maybe some details were lost in translation, but if it’s true it will be interesting to see what Canon might have come up with and what this means for photography.

No word on when this new lens technology is expected to debut, so we guess photographers will have no choice but to wait and see what the company might have up their sleeves, but what kind of changes would you as a photographer like to see made to lenses in the future?

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