There are quite a few places that one can go to on the internet if they’re looking for pirated movie torrents. One of those places would be KickassTorrents whose UI and site design is rather noticeable. This is why a film company in Costa Rica called Romaly has decided to create a website that looks just like it.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the website in question is called and at first glance you would think that this is KickassTorrent’s website. The idea is apparently to try and fool pirates into using its website and downloading movies, and while the torrents exist, they do not actually contain the movie.

Instead what happens is that when pirates download the torrent and play it, they are greeted with a short trailer for the movie they thought they were downloading, as well as a message that explains how piracy affects the industry. However there is a twist and that it also contains an email address that the downloaders can use to get two free cinema tickets to the movie they were trying to download.

Speaking to TorrentFreak, Alonso Solís, marketing manager of Romaly said, “With the creation of our own torrent download page we seek to approach all those who try to carry out this type of illegal action and create awareness on the subject through positive reinforcement. By providing tickets we want you to remember that cinema is an experience that goes beyond a computer. In the cinema, people enjoy an entertainment space that allows them to get rid of their occupations and dedicate one or two hours to themselves.”

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