Gaming can come in all sorts of forms, whether you’re rolling physical dice with board games, or typing away on games like MUDs, or donning a virtual reality headset and piloting a spaceship. This is why it doesn’t surprise us that developers have actually come up with mini games and the likes for software like Google Assistant (and Google Home in the process).


But could devices like Google Home and software like Google Assistant offer up more “serious” gaming experiences other than just trivia? Possibly, and that’s what Google seems to be heading towards as the company has announced that they will be releasing new tools for developers to help improve the gaming experiences offered by Google Assistant.

All of this will be building off the Actions feature launched last year, which basically expands on Google Home’s capabilities through third-party services. For starters Google will be releasing a brand new sound effect library, which can help enhance games created for the platform. Google has also published a guide on how to put together a text adventure game.

Last but not least, Google is also sharing with developers the various tools and companies that have integrated their development solutions with Actions, so developers will have more resources that will help with the development of their games.

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