There’s no hiding the fact that not a lot of people use Google+ as they prefer to stick to Facebook and Twitter instead. While there have been many rumors of the impending demise of Google’s social network it’s still around. Google has now removed a feature the social network that has been a part of it for a few years. The Google+ location sharing feature is no longer available to users.

The location sharing feature allowed Google+ users to share their location with anyone for as long as they want. The feature was launched a couple of years ago for Google+ but it has now been removed and with good reason.

Google has decided to bring the location sharing feature to Google Maps, the app in which this feature would have made more sense from the get-go, allowing Maps users to share their location with friends either for a limited time or indefinitely.

Google has now confirmed that the location sharing feature is being rolled out for Maps users and will soon go live for all users worldwide. It has thus disabled the feature on Google+. Users who head over to the Locations tab in Google+ to find this feature are now being told to take advantage of it in Google Maps as it should have been from the start.

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