With apps such as Waze and Uber, users can actually share their location and their trips with friends. For example if you’re heading to meet up, you send them your location and share your trip so that they can track your location as you drive and know how long it will take before you arrive.

However with Google Maps, such features were oddly missing, at least until now where Google has announced some changes that they are making to Google Maps. According to Google, “Soon Google Maps users worldwide will be able to answer those questions in just a few taps, without ever leaving the app. On both Android and iOS, you’ll be able to share your real-time location with anyone. And the people you share with will be able to see your location on Android, iPhone, mobile web, and even desktop.”

The feature is pretty simple and straightforward to use and all users have to do is open up the side menu within the app, tap the blue dot that represents where you are, and you’ll be able to choose who to share it with. You can send it to those who are part of your Google contacts, or alternatively you can generate a link that you can then use inside of emails, messenger apps, and so on.

The feature is in the process of being rolled out worldwide so if you don’t see it yet, fret not as it should eventually find its way to you.

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