We first reported on Hayo last month. It turns your gestures into controls for smart devices. It’s a device that’s placed in the home where it uses augmented reality to transform users gestures into commands that control connected devices around the house. The team behind the project has now announced that the developer API is available to those who want to make their products work with Hayo. It has also confirmed that the Hayo Indiegogo campaign is live now.

Hayo will come in handy if, for example, you want to control your speaks remotely. You don’t need to fire up the relevant app on your smartphone.

Just use a gesture with Hayo such as raising your arm to turn the speaker on and tapping the corner of the coffee table to adjust the volume. You could even configure Hayo to turn out smart lights around your home by simply pointing at the one you want to be turned on.

The Hayo backer community had been calling on the team to hurry up with the developer API and it has followed through on this highly requested feature. Developers can now access the API and make their own products work with Hayo.

The Hayo Indiegogo campaign is live now as well, the least you can pledge right now is $219 plus shipping for one Hayo device that will be good for just one room. You don’t need to worry about the campaign not meeting its goal, the campaign was launched to raise $80,000 and pledges have blown past that with a week still left to go.

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