Last year in conjunction with the launch of the new MacBook Pros, Apple also unveiled new monitors made by LG. These displays came in the form of the UltraFine 4K and UltraFine 5K models that are meant to complement the new laptops, as not only did they connect via Thunderbolt, but they could also charge the laptops at the same time.


Unfortunately the UltraFine 5K models were affected by an issue that when placed too close to a router, would cause it to glitch out. Apple promptly suspended sales while LG worked on better RF shielding, which they have recently done as the monitors have since gone back on sale.

So the question you might be asking is did LG do a good enough job? Are these issues something we’ll still need to keep an eye out for? Thankfully the answer is no, or at least that’s according to the folks at MacRumors who have tested out the newer models that have the shielding issue fixed.

According to MacRumors, “While the issue is easily reproducible on the original model as long as the Wi-Fi router is in close enough proximity, we were unable to recreate the issue on the revised model despite extensive efforts.” At the moment the UltraFine displays are still enjoying their discounted prices which is expected to run until the end of this month. The 5K is priced at $974 and is expected to return to its normal price of $1,299.95 once the sale is over.

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