Ever since Apple introduced version 10 of its desktop operating system, Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah, the company has pretty much kept the version around ever since, although its name has changed over the years from Mac OS X to OS X and most recently to macOS, and it looks like version 10 is still here to stay.

As discovered by Pike’s Universum (via 9to5Mac), it seems that Apple’s next macOS update is expected to be known as 10.13. For those hoping to see Apple make the jump to macOS 11, you might be disappointed, although we’re guessing it probably has to be a massive and extensive overhaul of the platform for Apple to want to jump to the next major version.

The discovery of macOS 10.13 made in Apple’s URL where the version number “10.13” was mentioned. Granted it could mean just about anything, but we guess given that the current macOS is 10.12, it makes sense that the next would be 10.13. As for the name of the update, that’s anyone’s guess right now, although Apple has been using landmarks based in the US for names after switching from using feline names.

There is no word on when macOS 10.13 will be released, but there is a good chance we will learn more about it at WWDC 2017 which has been confirmed for the 5-9th of June 2017, and assuming Apple maintains their schedule, it should be released towards the end of the year.

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