As is the case with new hardware launches, more often than not we come across reports of the hardware not functioning as well as it should. This is happening with the newly launched Nintendo Switch because according to several user reports, it seems that there are some Switch units that are experiencing less than ideal WiFi signals.

Gamers posting on a variety of platforms are claiming that the signal strength is so weak that they are experiencing slow internet speeds, which clearly is not ideal when you’re trying to play multiplayer games and where the slightest bit of lag means the difference between life and death.

Users are reporting issues like long buffering times for trailers in the Switch’s eShop as well, with the signal bar dropping from zero to three. Some are even claiming that when they are sitting relatively closer to their routers, the bars never go above two, which is rather strange and worrying.

Nintendo has a support document on its website advising users what to do when experiencing poor WiFi, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. Nintendo has yet to respond to these complaints so we’re not sure if this could be a hardware issue or if a software update could fix it, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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