A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard took the wraps off Overwatch’s latest playable hero, Orisa. However in terms of a release date, there was no mention although the character was playable via Overwatch’s Public Test Realm. The good news for gamers looking to take Orisa for a spin is that your wait could soon be coming to an end.


Blizzard has recently confirmed that Orisa will be released on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One come 21st of March, which is basically next Tuesday so basically you’ll only be waiting for a week. For those learning about Orisa for the first time, she’s a robot that was built by 11-year old child genius Efi Oladele.

For a while it would seem that Blizzard had intentionally misled gamers by focusing the spotlight on Efi, and we’re sure many were wondering how an 11-year old child would fit into Overwatch’s gameplay, but as it turns out Efi was a lead up to Orisa. Orisa is a tank character meaning that her duty in the game is to protect her teammates.

Blizzard had previously stated that they had designed with some skills and abilities similar to that of Reinhardt, who is an anchor tank character within the game. Her abilities include something called Halt that sucks in nearby enemies, and Fortify that reduces damage by 50%. She also has a Protective Barrier that protects teammates from enemy fire. If you’d like a preview of Orisa and her abilities, you can check out the recently released video above for the details.

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