All the Pokemon games so far have been released on Nintendo’s handhelds, but it seems that players looking to get some Pokemon gaming on their home console, you could be in luck. According to a recent job listing by Pokemon developer Game Freak, there are signs that Pokemon could be finding its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

According to the job listing, it calls for a character modeller for a “new title”, with the job expected to run until May 2018 which we can only assume is when they estimate that the game should be ready for release, or at least close to completion. It also says that this title will be a “consumer game” and while it does not mention any platforms specifically, it wouldn’t be hard too hard to imagine that this could be for the Switch.

After all with Nintendo more or less done with the Wii U and with the 3DS already having their own Pokemon games, we suppose this pretty much leaves the Switch. That is unless of course this Pokemon game could find its way onto a non-Nintendo platform. In any case it does seem to be a bit early to speculate and given that there’s not much information available, the job listings could really be for just about any title.

In any case this wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve heard the possibility of Pokemon coming onto the Switch. Previously it was even rumored that Pokemon Sun/Moon could make an appearance, but so far nothing has been confirmed yet.

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