The problem with more traditional methods of furniture shopping is that when you visit a store, furniture is already displayed in an ideal setting where there are other pieces of furniture and accessories that are designed to complement each other. This means unless you have a keen eye for design, what you choose might not look quite as good in your home.

Thankfully for those of you who do your shopping at Pottery Barn, the company has announced the launch of a limited augmented reality (AR) app that basically you preview how a piece of furniture looks like in your home before you buy it. This is thanks to a collaboration with Google that resulted in the app called 3D Room View.

How it works is pretty simple where you basically pick out pieces of furniture and it will be overlaid on a spot in your living room. This lets users see if what they want will match with what they have. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately the sad reality is that this only works with Google’s Project Tango technology, which at the moment is only found on two devices.

Pottery Barn would not be the first company to employ the use of such technology, and we imagine that using Project Tango could make it more accurate in trying to work out a layout and design, but like we said the fact that it is only found on two devices at the moment does make it a bit limited.

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