Science and medicine have advanced to a point where we could soon be growing transplants, which means that waiting around for a donor could become a thing of the past in the future. However growing a transplants versus harvesting it from a human body are different things, and that grown transplants could have the potential to buckle under pressure when put in a body.

However it seems that researchers over at Oxford University have come up with an interesting and ghoulish solution to that problem, and that is by using robots to “wear” the flesh of the transplant. The idea is that the movement of the robot and its shape could help prepare things like skin grafts and grown transplants for the natural strain that comes with a human body.

It has been suggested that it is possible that these robots could even be customized and designed in a way to mimic the patient’s actual anatomy, so that when it is transplanted onto them, it is already a perfect “fit”. Apart from that, the researchers are also claiming that the use of robots will also mean the reduction of the use in animal testing, something that we’re sure groups like PETA will be pleased about.

We’re not sure when this idea will be implemented, if at all, but it does sound rather promising, although like we said kind of creepy.

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