Speedrunning is an interesting concept because sometimes it really shows just how much actual core content there is to a game, or at least what’s necessary in order to complete it. This by no means diminishes the quality or the fun that you might have with a game, but it’s still quite interesting to watch all the same.

That being said it seems that speedrunners are already blowing their way through Nintendo’s latest The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with speedrunner gymnast86 successfully completing the game in under an hour. This is a huge difference from the previous speedrunner Orcastraw who took 3 hours and 39 minutes.

Interestingly enough Orcastraw took advantage of a horse in order to achieve his time, while gymnast86 did not. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the decision to use the Link amiibo to acquire Epona, but according to gymnast86, “To me, it seems silly to want to get rid of a cheap piece of plastic which makes runs of this game slightly faster.”

In any case if you are curious to see how gymnast86 managed to complete the game in under an hour, then check out the video above for the details, although note that it does run for an hour so either fast forward through it, or sit back, grab some drinks and snacks, and enjoy.

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