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There are many ways that a politician can reach out to their people. It can be done in rallies, meet and greets, advertising, and so on. However over in Sweden, politician Rickard Nordin has gone about getting in touch with his people in a slightly modern and less conventional fashion: Twitch.

In case you weren’t familiar, Twitch is a platform in which gamers anywhere in the world can live stream their video game sessions. In an interview with Glixel, Nordin revealed that he decided to combine his love of video games (he streams Hearthstone) and his job by using Twitch as a platform to reach a wider audience. It also helps that he is trying to advocate the positive aspects of eSports.

According to Nordin, “I just want to level the playing field so that eSports is treated the same way as other sport. I also want to promote all the good things about eSports. Team spirit, learning the English language, quick decision making, thinking strategically and logically and so on.”

He adds, “There are so many prejudices. About people sitting at their computers instead of playing outside and meeting their friends – to fight that I guess I will have plenty of work to do before it’s fully accepted in society.” For those curio us about Nordin’s stream, he plans to stream every Tuesday at 19:00 CET at least until the summer.

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