Tesla offers several battery pack options to customers who are looking to purchase one of its cars like the Model S sedan. For quite some time now, the 60kWh Model S has been the cheapest battery pack option available for this sedan. This car with its 60 kilowatt-hour battery pack costs $68,000. With this model being discontinued, the cheapest Model S is now the one with the 75kWh battery.

Tesla has confirmed that from next month it will no longer sell the 60kWh Model S. Once it stops selling this option, the cheapest Model S will be the one with the 75kWh battery that costs $74,500 excluding any federal and state tax incentives for purchasing an all-electric car.

The 60kWh battery pack option actually comes fitted with a 75kWh battery but the car can only use 80 percent of the battery’s potential as the rest was kept locked away. Model S owners who wanted to access that extra 20 percent for additional range would then have to pay $9,500 to “unlock” the remaining battery capacity.

Tesla said that it has made this decision to discontinue the 60kWh Model S because even though it has been a year since this option was launched to provide a more affordable way in for those looking to buy an electric car, the company found that most customers bought the 75kWh option anyway.

So in the interest of simplifying the ordering process for its customers, Tesla has decided to remove the 60kWh option from its lineup. Customers who want one have until April 16th, 2017 to place an order.

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