In the past couple of years, Twitter has come under fire for not doing enough to prevent trolls and cyberbullies on its social media platform, but this is something the company has been working towards and in the past couple of months, have released some tools to deal with those problems.

Now it looks like Twitter is testing out a new feature that will warn users when they are about to visit a person whose profile has been deemed to feature “potentially sensitive content”. There is an approach which is if you don’t like what someone has to say, then don’t read it, and we guess this is what Twitter is warning users about and to just make Twitter a safer place for everyone.

With this new feature and by giving users a heads up, we guess the idea is that users will now have a choice of whether or not they want to proceed anyway, or maybe take the high road and just ignore someone’s online postings. With this, you can’t say that you weren’t warned beforehand.

This will apply to all sorts of content that can also be flagged as sensitive, so basically this is an expansion of the filter. As to whether or not this feature will eventually be rolled out to everyone remains to be seen as TechCrunch reports that Twitter has told them that “this is something we’re testing as part of our broader efforts to make Twitter safer.”

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