Amazon’s Alexa can work with multiple calendar platforms, whether it be Outlook or Office 365 (just to name a few), but if you don’t use these calendars and instead are using Google’s G Suite calendar, you’ll be pleased to learn that Alexa will now be able to work with it which means that you’ll be able to control and tweak your calendar using your voice.

The basic functionality will be similar to other calendars, where users can ask Alexa to give them an overview of their day. They will also be able to make changes to their calendar or additions to any events that might pop up just by using their voice. With the addition of support for G Suite calendars, it expands Alexa’s abilities which could come in handy at home or in the office since it does support multiple calendar options.

Like we said Alexa has supported multiple major calendars such as Google Calendar which was available since launch, as well as Outlook and Office 365, so with the addition of G Suite, it does help round out some of the more major calendar options out there. The update should already be live and users who want to enable support for G Suite will be able to find the option via the Alexa companion app under “Settings”, and “Calendar” in the Accounts section of the settings page. Once you’ve enabled it you should be good to go.

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