AMD today announced the launch of what it claims to be the world’s first dual-GPU graphics card meant for professionals. The AMD Radeon Pro Duo features two Polaris-based graphics cards packed into one single card. The company claims that this package provides 11.45 teraflops of power. It’s geared towards customers who want a graphics solution to hand professional workload like VR content creation.

Featuring 32GB GDDR5 memory, the Radeon Pro Duo is very capable of handling larger data sets, intricate 3D models, higher resolution videos, and complex assemblies. It operates at a max power of 250W and harnesses the power of 4608 stream processors for a combined performance of up to 11.45 teraflops.

Professionals can rely on this graphics card to work on up to four 4K monitors at 60Hz, drive the latest 8K single monitor display at 30Hz using a single cable or an 8K display at 60Hz using a dual cable solution.

AMD says that on select professional applications, the Radeon Pro Duo provides up to 2 times faster performance when compared with the Radeon Pro WX7100 and up to twice as fast performance than the closest competing professional graphics card which it believes to be the NVIDIA Titan X.

AMD’s new graphics card provides more performance than the previous dual-GPU Radeon Pro Duo based on the Fiji architecture which was launched about a year back. It’s also cheaper, costing just $999 compared to $1,499 for its predecessor.

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