If you carry a lot of your tech gadgets with you on the go, like your laptop, tablet, smartphone, battery packs, memory cards, and so on, chances are you will rely on a backpack for that. While most backpacks do a pretty decent job of carrying your stuff around, there’s always the concern of having your stuff stolen.

This is where the ClickPack Pro will come in handy. This is a Kickstarter campaign for an anti-theft backpack which will be ideal for your gadgets. How is this, you ask? For starters it comes with a built-in lock for your zippers which means that you can zip your backpack up and thieves won’t be able to access its contents.

Secondly it is also made from very durable materials and as you can see in the video above, is slash-resistant meaning that thieves who are counting on slashing your backpack and running off with its contents will have a much harder time trying to accomplish that. It also features a retractable metal wire lock, so you can tether the bag to your seat, or a stand so that snatch thieves can’t just come up and run off with it.

To top it all off, the ClickPack Pro also features a bunch of compartments that are clearly labeled so you know where your gadgets are. It also features an RFID magnetic strip so that you can keep your credit cards in the bag and scanners won’t be able to scan its details. The project has exceeded its Kickstarter goal at this time of writing, but if you’re interested the ClickPack Pro retails for $99 as an early bird special.

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