Prior to the official review of the Samsung Galaxy S8, there were rumors regarding the handset’s camera and that it would adopt a dual camera system. Given that there have been quite a few OEMs to have done so, and with Samsung’s fiercest rival Apple also having done so themselves, it made sense that Samsung could follow suit.

However surprisingly enough the handset was launched with a single camera, although thanks to photos posted onto Facebook (via SamMobile), alleged photos of Galaxy S8/S8+ prototypes have surfaced which shows off the phone with a dual camera setup. We can’t verify if these images are real and for all we know they could be faked, but take it with a grain of salt.

However given that companies like Samsung probably go through several prototypes before settling on the final design, we guess it is conceivable that the company could have tested out a dual camera setup before deciding that maybe sticking to a single camera design was a better choice.

We’re not sure why Samsung did not go with a dual camera design, although there were rumors in December last year that had already indicated that this would be the case. To be fair the camera on the Galaxy S8 is already pretty amazing, based on our review, so it’s not as if it was really missing out on anything, but what do you guys think? Would you have preferred it if the Galaxy S8/S8+ came with dual cameras?

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