If you are using a Google WiFi device in your home and you are thinking of updating its firmware to the latest version which is 9202.35.8, maybe you’ll want to hold off on doing so. According to several user reports posted on the Google Product Forums (via Android Police), it seems that the update might be causing some Google WiFi devices to stop working.

According to user Jacob F., “After the update to 9202.35.8, the Primary hub which is connected to my modem randomly turns into a solid blue state.  After power cycling it fixes itself, but then occurs again.  This has happened a few times now and is not acceptable.” Some users are reporting that restarting the primary hub fixes the problem, but it seems to only be a temporary measure.

Like we said, this seems to be an issue for users who have updated the firmware, so if you haven’t then you might not be facing these problems. The good news is that Google has at the very least acknowledged the issue and said, “Our team is still looking into this and working hard on getting a fix out– we aim to have it out as soon as possible.”

It is unclear as to what might be the problem in the first place, but hopefully the company will have a fix soon.

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