If you’re over the age of 30 and you find yourself a bit lost and confused as to how to use Snapchat, you’re not alone. In fact there are several articles that have been written up in the past that shows that you’re not the only person who might be confused with how the app works, so it’s not as if you’ve suddenly lost your tech savvy.


That being said, in a bid to attract a younger workforce, McDonald’s Australia has announced that they will now be accepting job applications via Snapchat. This is believed to be a first for both the fast food chain and the app. Those who are interested are required to send in a 10-second video of themselves using a filter that will apply a McDonald’s hat and uniform.

As it stands McDonald’s Australia is boasting a workforce that is consisted of teens under the age of 18. To be more specific, we’re looking at 65% of the company’s workforce which employs about 106,000 employees in Australia alone. Given how many teens are on Snapchat, it would certainly be a great way to attract more employees to the company.

Based on this we wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, more companies will consider using less traditional means of conducting interviews.

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