While our smartphones have become considerably better at taking photos and videos over the past few years, there are just certain things that it can’t do that a proper camera could. For example audio recording on smartphones while taking video is less than ideal and so is stability in the footage.

However a Kickstarter campaign for a device called the miniRIG will help solve your videography woes. If you check out the video above, what you’ll realize is that the miniRIG is basically multiple accessories for your smartphone combined into a single convenient device. It combines things like a stabilizer (thanks to counterweight mechanisms), an adjustable handle, a built-in microphone, a ring light, and an integrated tripod for those moments where you need to place the camera down on a flat surface.

All of this combined should allow you to snap much better photos and videos compared to before. Of course just like photos, good videography is also about framing and composition so don’t think that the miniRIG will turn badly shot videos into an amazing masterpiece, but it should help with certain technical aspects of the shoot.

While designed for smartphones, the miniRIG will also offer up a GoPro adapter so that you can use it with GoPro cameras if you so desire. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, the miniRIG is priced at £38 as an early bird special with an estimated retail price of £70 upon its release.

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