It is always a good idea to keep your phone backed up whenever you can. This is because you never know what could happen where your phone could get stolen, damaged, lost, or some kind of bug/malware could brick it and wipe your device in an instant. At least if you backed up your phone, your loss wouldn’t be quite as great.


Unfortunately it seems that there are some Google Pixel owners who are complaining that their handsets are having some trouble backing up. According to Android Police, it has been discovered that this problem actually goes way back to when the phones first launched, but it seems to be a problem that is persisting even until today.

One user on Google’s Product Forums writes, “So I just found out about backing up my app data, call history, device settings and sms through google backup on my pixel phone. I enabled it with google account and below it says waiting to backup. Google calendar, contacts, and photos/vid show last sync date that I previously did with no problem.”

The good news is that Google appears to be aware of the issue and are reaching out to those affected for more information. We’re not sure when a fix will be released, but in the meantime if you are running into similar issues when trying to backup your Pixel, you might want to find an alternative method of backing up your phone for now.

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