When it comes to Snapchat Stories, given that there are so many Stories being posted all the time, it would be impossible for Snapchat users to watch them all, and it would also be impossible for Snapchat’s curation team to curate everything. This is why Snapchat has announced a new feature for its Stories where users can now search for it.


According to Snapchat, “Over time, the number of Snaps that were created by our community and added to Our Story simply overwhelmed our curation team — and inspired us to create something new. We’ve built a new way to understand what’s happening in Snaps that are submitted to Our Story, and to create new Stories using advanced machine learning. The results have been amazing: you can search over one million unique Stories on Snapchat!”

How it works is simple: there will now be search bar for Stories and all users have to do is type in keywords for Stories that might be of interest to them, whether it be by location like the name of a bar, club, or restaurant, or they can even search for sporting events by typing in the name of sports teams that might be playing, as you can see in the video above.

According to Snapchat, they are rolling out the feature now but only to select cities, so if you don’t have it yet not to worry as we’re sure Snapchat will eventually turn it on for everybody.

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