While consoles might have originally designed to be gaming machines for the living room, over the years we’ve started to see console makers like Sony and Microsoft add more non-gaming features, such as social features and entertainment features like watching videos and surfing the web.

Presumably the idea to turn consoles into more than just gaming devices and into entertainment hubs. Now according to a report from IGN, it seems that if you own an Xbox One console, thanks to the IDW Comics app, you will be able to download comics for free. However it should be noted that the free comics are only available for the first week, which we can imagine is just to give users a taste of what they can look forward to in the future.

Users will need to create an account and go to the “my books” section to download them. At the moment there are only 10 free titles that users can check out, which includes: TMNT Vol. 1, Locke & Key Vol. 1, D4VE, Star Trek Vol. 1, Ghostbusters Vol. 1, Jem Vol. 1, Fear & Loathing, Transformers RiD Vol. 1, Transformers MTMTE Vol. 1, and Judge Dredd Vol. 1.

The comics will also be available as standard and “motion books”, which should be an interesting way of reading them. We’re not sure if reading comics on the TV is the most comfortable or ideal setting, but if you’re a comic buff it could be worth checking out.

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