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Microsoft has been revealing bits and pieces of its Project Scorpio Xbox console and we expect that additional details, such as availability and pricing, will be revealed at E3 2017 this coming June. However one question remains and that is how will the console look like upon its release? Thanks to a report from Gamasutra, we might have an idea.

It seems that Microsoft has chosen to reveal to Gamasutra what the dev kit of Project Scorpio looks like. For those unfamiliar, dev kits are typically sent out to developers for them to build their games on and for testing, so that when the console is finally released, there will be games available at launch.

However it has been noted that since Xbox dev kits have in the past looked quite similar to the release version, the dev kit of Project Scorpio does hint at what we might be able to expect in the final design, although there will probably some differences in terms of aesthetics and also under the hood, because as it turns out the dev kit is considerably more powerful than the retail version which Microsoft detailed about a week ago.

According to Kevin Gammill, Microsoft’s group project manager for Xbox Core Platform, “At a high level, it’s much easier for a game developer to come in higher and tune down, than come in lower and tune up. Or nail it. That just rarely happens.” In any case what do you guys think of the possible design? Yay or nay?

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