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Dark and light themes are something that has been pretty common and has been offered for quite a while now. However in recent times, it seems that there is a greater emphasis on the feature, with apps such as Twitter finally introducing a night mode after all these years. Now it seems that YouTube has a similar feature you can check out.

In a post on Reddit (via 9to5Google), it turns out that YouTube has a hidden dark mode feature that users can enable if they want. Note that this only applies to the web version of YouTube, so if you’re on your phone, it looks like the feature hasn’t made its way onto the app just yet. As you can see in the screenshot above, it basically turns your entire YouTube black and it applies to every aspect of the platform save for the creator studio.

Note that this seems to only work for Chrome at the moment, so it is possible that Google is testing out the feature before making it an option for other browsers. To enable dark mode, you’ll want to hit Ctrl+ Shift + I (or Option + Command + I on Mac). Go to the “Console” tab and paste document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; path=/”. Alternatively if that doesn’t work, try document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE” instead.

Close the developer tools and refresh the page and click your YouTube profile image (you’ll need to be signed into your account) and click the section titled “Dark Mode”, and you should be good to go! You might have to sign in and out again if it doesn’t work, but these are the steps.

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