Every company wants to be different, but sometimes being too different can result in something that’s unrecognizable. Take for instance Google’s redesign of the emojis used in Android Nougat which while cute, seemed more like blobs than actual emojis. It’s not terrible, but not particularly recognizable, at least not compared to what most services and platforms are using.


This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that with Android O, Google will be going back to the drawing board and redesigning their emojis again. This time as you can see in the screenshot above, these emojis are definitely more in line with what most users are probably used to seeing.

They are still somewhat unique as they do have a different feel compared to emojis on iOS, but it should still be good enough to get the point across. However as Droid-Life notes, the emojis you see above don’t necessarily mean that you’ll see them or the receiver will see them as it will depend on the phone that is being used.

Right now this seems to be for Nexus and Pixel devices which run a vanilla version of Android, so depending on the manufacturer and whether or not they tweaked their emojis, what you see might not necessarily be what you get, but what do you guys think of it anyway?

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