We all learn things differently. Some of us are more visual, while others prefer being more hands on, while some do their best learning through books. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you learn something that’s all that matters. The same concept can be applied to kids, although given that kids do have shorter attention spans, captivating them is more challenging.


That being said, Osmo is back with yet another educational tool meant to teach kids how to program in the form of “Coding Jam”. Through the use of music and blocks, kids will learn abstract coding concepts like loops and subroutines, all of which when combined will produce music. There is no specific language being taught, but we guess at the very least the concept and logic is still there, which is applicable whenever you try to come up with an algorithm for a problem.

According to the company, “Jam is a hands-on learning experience that uses Osmo’s proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence to turn the area in front of an iPad into a playspace controlled by physical blocks. An open-ended music studio with dozens of characters and instruments, Jam is intuitive enough for a 5-year-old to play, but offers enough complexity for a 10-year-old to master.”

Coding Jam will be an add-on to Osmo’s game system which means that if you do not own the base system already, you’ll have to buy it. If you do own it then Coding Jam will be a $59 add-on. More details can be found over at Osmo’s website.

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