For the most part, navigational apps such as Google Maps have been pretty good with providing directions, such as letting users know when to make a turn and so on. However sometimes these instructions might not be 100% clear due to there being multiple lanes, or small turnings that can be easily missed.


However thankfully that is something Google is working to fix. As spotted by the folks at Android Police, it seems that Google has added Street View images for use during turn-by-turn navigation. What this means that instead of a top down graphical representation of the roads, Google Maps will now use Street View images/photos to tell users where to go.

This means that in some instances there might be certain landmarks to look out for, such as signage, a house with a brightly colored roof, trees or shrubbery, and so on. As Android Police notes, this feature isn’t exactly new and was introduced to the Maps web interface back in 2008, so we guess it has finally been implemented into the mobile version of Google Maps, but we suppose better late than never, right?

In any case the feature should already be live so do keep an eye out for it. It is currently only available on Android but we expect that it should find its way onto the iOS version soon enough.

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