Earlier this year it was reported that IKEA would be getting into the smart lighting game by launching their own smart lightbulbs. Given that existing solutions out there aren’t exactly cheap, IKEA’s solution should be an affordable answer to homeowners who are looking to outfit their homes with smarter appliances.


Now the good news for Apple users is that according to a report from iPhone-Ticker (via 9to5Mac), it seems that IKEA is updating its current lineup of smart lightbulbs to make them compatible with Apple’s HomeKit system. What this means is that with HomeKit compatibility, users will be able to control the lighting system using the Home app amongst other things.

That’s not all as the report claims that IKEA will also be making their system compatible with other connected platforms, such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo, thus giving users more ways of controlling their home’s lighting system. This is said to be arriving in the summer and that IKEA will retrofit the functionality, meaning that users won’t need to buy a brand new system just to get the features.

For those unfamiliar, the IKEA smart lightbulbs are priced starting from as low as $11.99, this is versus other competing brands such as the Philips Hue which starts at $25.

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