When it comes to security cameras for the home, there are quite a few that are available in the market today. For the most part they all pretty much do the same thing, which is provide a video feed to see who’s in your house, who’s at the door, and in some cases some even come with motion sensors that can alert users via their phones.

However taking things to the next level will be Lighthouse. This is a home security camera that launched from Playground, a tech incubator that was founded by Android’s Andy Rubin. What makes Lighthouse so different from the rest of the cameras out there is that it relies on AI and deep learning where instead of just being able to record what it sees, it knows what it sees.

This means that users can tell the platform certain things that they want it to keep an eye out for, so instead of you having to keep a feed open constantly to check on your home, you will only be alerted to things that you’ve told it to alert you to. Users will be able to ask it specific questions, such as who took your dog for a walk, what time did your kids get home from school, or even ask if they were running in the house despite you telling them countless times not to, and now you’ll have your proof.

Speaking to Fast Company, Jessica Gilmartin, general manager and CMO at Lighthouse said, “We sort of think of it as the inverse of Alexa. So, Alexa is a really easy and delightful way for you to understand what’s happening out in the world when you’re home, and Lighthouse is a really easy way for you to understand what’s happening at home when you’re out in the world.”

Whether or not these features are simply novel or useful remains to be seen, but if you think that you could use such a system, Lighthouse is currently available for pre-order where it is priced starting at $399 with a year’s worth of video monitoring service.

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