NVIDIA has revealed a new technology today called Project Holodeck. It was revealed by CEO of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang at the GPU Technology conference in San Jose, California. The company says that this technology has been inspired by the seemingly realistic Holodeck in Star Trek. Huang gave a demonstration of this technology at the conference today by showing how a group of four people in robot suits can visit a 3D space and share high-resolution images and computer models.

A computer model of the sports car was demonstrated, one of the viewers in the robot suit grabbed the steering wheel and their hands didn’t go through it. It has been described as photorealistic 3D virtual reality “with extraordinary visual fidelity.”

Huang then asked them to display the car’s parts in exploded view and then every single one of the car’s parts was shown individually. “Everything obeys the laws of physics,” Huang added. The car that was used to demonstrate this technology has been designed by Christian Koenigsegg.

It rotated in real-time in the demonstration and did a lot of cool stuff which showed just how great this technology from NVIDIA can be. NVIDIA is going to release this demo for everyone by September.

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